Studierende, die einen Nachweis über ausreichende englische Sprachkenntnisse benötigen, um sich im Rahmen ihres Studiums an der Universität Konstanz für einen Studienplatz oder ein Praktikum im Ausland zu bewerben, können am Sprachlehrinstitut / Sektion Englisch einen Sprachtest ablegen. Nähere Informationen zum Test wie auch die Termin- und Anmeldeliste finden Sie in diesem Link oder am Schwarzen Brett gegenüber D 703. Studierende, die Sprachprüfungen wie z. B. CPE, CAE, IELTS oder TOEFL ablegen müssen, werden auf die Anbieter auf den einschlägigen Internetseiten verwiesen. Informationen über prüfungsvorbereitende Kurse, die vom Sprachlehrinstitut angeboten werden, entnehmen Sie bitte dem aktuellen Veranstaltungsverzeichnis.

Frau Zimmermann ist die koordinierende Dozentin für Englisch-Sprachtests.

FAQ zum Thema Sprachtest Englisch

When do the tests take place?

The tests are held at regular intervals throughout the year. The date for the next test is usually on the noticeboard outside D 703 and there is a list below on this website. For any general enquiries,  email wendi.zimmermann@uni-konstanz.de


Most test start at 08:00 and are on Friday mornings.

  • Saturday January 12th, 09:30, E 701/E 719 (E701 & E719 are opposite each other, go to either room)
  • Friday March 15th, 08:00,

    E 719


  • Friday April 26th, 08:00,

    E 719


  • Friday June 7th, 08:00,

    E 719   

  • Friday Sept. 13th, 08:00,

    E 719                         

  • Friday December 6th, 08:00,

    E 719

How do I register for the test?

You can sign up on the list on the noticeboard (see above) or send me an email (also above). You will need your matriculation number in both instances.

Can I use a dictionary?


Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?

No, it’s a diagnostic test designed to assess your current level of English.

What does the test consist of?

25 mins gap fill texts
35 mins essay
Approx.. 10 mins speaking

Do I need to bring anything?

A pen, a form from the institution you are applying to (if you have one), a DAAD form if you are applying for a scholarship (we supply SLI certificates) and your student ID card.

Which room is the test in?

See the noticeboard opposite D 703 or the list on this website (When do the tests take place?)

When do I get my form back?

You will usually get it back on the same day. However, if there is a large number of students taking the test, the marking may take longer.

Who are the tests for?

The tests are for students at the University of Konstanz who are planning a semester abroad or an internship as part of their studies here. The test is NOT for students studying English as their main subject; they should ask any lecturer from an SLI course they have successfully passed to fill in their form.
We do not offer language tests to students studying at other institutions.

The university abroad has asked for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE etc. Can I take one of these exams here?

No, the university is not an examination centre for external exams like these.

The university abroad has asked for level B1/B2/C1. Does this test give me a level like this?

Yes, we specify a level on your certificate.

Do I need to pass every part of the test?

You can’t pass or fail the test, it’s designed to assess your level of English.

I did a test 6 months ago and now I need another English language assessment, do I need to do another test?

We keep the tests for 2 years. If you need another certificate during that period, you don’t need to do another test; we can write you another one based on your previous results. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your certificate as this makes it easier for us.

I need a different form for the university I’m going to. Do I need to do a different test?

Not usually, but you should contact me beforehand/send me a copy of the form so I can check if our test meets the requirements.