Czech courses at the University of Konstanz

Would you like to order your dumplings in Czech when you next visit Prague? Or study a semester or two in the Czech Republic? Or astonish your Czech friends or relatives by speaking their language? Or do you just want to enjoy exploring a new language and a new country? 

The Czech courses at the University of Konstanz are open to students of all courses of study. Also members of staff or guest students are very welcome.

The courses on offer usually cover the levels A1 (beginner), A2 (elementary) and B1 (intermediate) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (see the CEFRL for Czech). As a beginner you can start with learning Czech either in the winter semester (2 x 90 minutes a week) or in the summer semester (1 x 90 minutes a week). If you look for a course beyond the B1 level, contact me and I will try to arrange one. For an overview of the currently offered courses look on ZEuS (Interdisciplinary Programmes).

In the classes, the focus is laid on oral communication – the students practise listening, they perform everyday dialogues and simulations and talk about texts. Writing is usually a part of home work. What matters is to become gradually confident in using Czech and to experience it as a true means of communication.

You are welcome to contact me via e-mail with any questions or suggestions. 

Dr. Jana Marková
Czech teacher
room: D 701 / phone: (+49) 7531 88 2428